November 5th, 2005

We, cultish mac users, would like to inform you that your greatly
anticipated DVD ‘Lucian Freud’ does not work on our lovely
machines. I once heard that Macs only accept minus dvds but know
nothing substantial on the matter.
It was quite lovely that you came visit me by the way, even though the
food I ate while with you (not that you had a terrible amount of
influence on this) sent my stomach into a raving protest for about
three days, and if I eat anything heavier than bananas and cornflakes
it returns to this wonderful state of agony. Do come by more often.
And I would also like to know how you are faring in respect to your
new medication/ your emotional state in general. I hope well,
otherwise I volunteer to try to kick the evil world’s butt for you
(and me of course)
Well, so much for this email you won’t bother to reply to…I’ll call
you with my fantastic Keegan soon.
love always is by nadya peek. she'd love to hear from you.