Make faire with the Media Lab

June 2nd, 2009

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Thanks to Leah a van load of grad students started heading out to SFO at 4am on a Friday for Maker faire. I made the posters for our stand, click on the images for larger sizes.

Adam Kumpf

Trackmate is an open source initiative to create an inexpensive, do-it-yourself tangible tracking system. The Trackmate Tracker allows any computer to recognize tagged objects and their corresponding position, rotation, and color information when placed on a surface. Trackmate sends all object data via LusidOSC (a protocol layer for unique spatial input devices), allowing any LusidOSC-based application to work with the system.

Elly Jessop

VAMP: The Vocal Augmentation and Manipulation Prosthesis is a gesture-based wearable controller for live-time vocal performance. This controller allows a singer to capture and manipulate single notes that he or she sings, using a gestural vocabulary developed from that of choral conducting. The wearer can grab and elongate a note, crescendo or decrescendo the held note, add harmony parts, and change the timbre of the sound. This glove was originally developed for the character of Nicholas in Tod Machover’s upcoming opera Death and the Powers.

Eric Rosenbaum

Glowdoodle is a new medium for painting with light. It’s like long-exposure photography, but you see the results in real-time. Try
drawing with LEDs, flashlights, glowsticks, or flames. Paint with your teeth, your finger, or a flower. Make a colorful lightbrush out
of Lego. Experiment with silhouettes, use quick flashes of light to simulate multiple exposures, or just make yourself look like a zombie. Then press one key to share your glowdoodle on the web. If you’ve got a webcam, you can try it out! Free download for windows or mac at

Jay Silver

Turn Almost Anything into a “Theremin”!
Imagine you could draw musical instruments on normal paper with any pencil (cheap circuit thumb-tacked on) and then play them with your finger. The Drawdio circuit-craft lets you MacGyver your everyday objects into musical instruments: paintbrushes, macaroni, trees, grandpa, even the kitchen sink… Drawdio brings to life the everyday interconnections between people and environment, encouraging you to use your sense of touch, and letting you hear otherwise invisible electrical connections.

Leah Buechley

Projects that explore technology, design, and craft–interactive wallpaper, computational sketchbooks, and electronic textiles–along with tools and techniques–LilyPad Arduino, kits for paper computing, and libraries of strange materials–that let you explore with us.

Nadya Peek

Our bodies continue beyond our flesh and bones. Humans have constantly augmented their bodies with tools like clothing or automobiles, and now our bodies are also extending into virtual space. An identity includes online identity, extending from cell phones and laptops into cyberspace. How do we regard our selves when the boundary between self and world is fading? Caché is a project that aims to extend online gaze into real space. When a photograph of a body is viewed online, it manifests the gaze offline by means of sound localised on the body. The user knows exactly when and where they are being seen. How does revealing online activity affect the wearer? If data is neutral and equally accessible, how do we distinguish between personal space and neutral grounds?

Marcelo Coelho is by nadya peek. she'd love to hear from you.