Lighter, cheaper, stronger: a video by Canay Ozden

May 27th, 2010

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Video by: Canay Ozden
Prostheses are critical body extensions. They should naturally fit the body, lend themselves to customization, and be affordable, none of which are provided by today‚Äôs industry. Nadya Peek, of MIT’s “Fab Lab,” takes us on a short tour of the world of those who seek lighter, cheaper, and stronger prosthetics.

Canay Ozden is a lovely PhD student in the Science, Technology and Society department at MIT, I was introduced to her by my favourite post doc, JB Labrune. At first we were going to make a movie about fablabs in general and include some stuff on me volunteering at the South End Technology Center Fablab in Boston or annoying the people at the AS220 Fablab in Providence, but all the planning didn’t work out, so it’s about prosthetics instead! Woohoo!

Some things which may not be clear from the video: the original design for the knee is by a team of Stanford students including Joel Sadler, and I’m not working on it, but other people at MIT are trying to improve it. In fact, I’m so not working on knees that in the video I’m holding it upside down. Oops. is by nadya peek. she'd love to hear from you.