Solar cooked chapatti

January 30th, 2011

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I have been to Vigyan Ashram several times, and I never stay long enough. This time, my visit coincided with Fran├žois Taddei’s, who only the day before was having lunch with dear friend Jean-Baptiste Labrune in Paris! Small world. Fran├žois works at Universite Descartes and spends his time thinking about the future of education.


Vigyan Ashram (the science village) has a 2 year science education program aimed at farmers and agricultural workers in the region. They develop seedlings, teach animal husbandry and fix and build tractors, amongst other things. Lately they have been looking at different types of large-scale solar cookers and how they can use them, and they cooked some great chapatti for lunch:

I’m looking forward to eating more from these tasty concentrators.

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