July 8th, 2011

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I really love licorice. It’s almost a problem. It’s probably why I often dream that all my teeth are falling out, even though other people try to convince me this is the dream you have when you think you’re getting old and ugly.

Norway is offering me a whole new series of licorice types I have not tried yet… so in my short stay up here at 99°N, I am sampling all these different kinds thanks to Thrine and Frode of Fablab Høylandet. I know food-blogs are a far cry from sampling these yourselves, but at least you can imagine them…

1. Kick is a toffee-like licorice that comes in a chewy bar, also available filled with lemon. Like toffee, makes my teeth hurt, but so good too…

2. Salte biler are, according to the package, Norway’s most sold car. They are kind of like the dutch salmiakschuim but small and covered in sugar/salt crystals. I’ve been eating these for dinner.

3. Salt Sild! Classic, almost exactly like zoute haringen. Some might say too literal of a candy– salty herring is not far enough away from the food it is depicting. Well, stop thinking about it, start eating some.

4. Turkish Peber. Hard licorice candy, filled with ammonium chloride powder. Indeed quite spicey, I suppose hence turkish pepper.

5. Ego. This one is very adventurous: licorice filled chocolate? Called ego? I haven’t tried it yet, but am intrigued.

There is one last thing I tried which is not licorice-related: Kvikklunsj. Somehow in this country it is branded in such a way that everyone associates it with ski touring. Imagine, a country where ski-touring is so normal the nation’s candy bars represent it. I’m having fun up here, yes. is by nadya peek. she'd love to hear from you.