I have a patent now

September 17th, 2013

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From my hacktastic former-former-former desk

Oddly arises: http://www.uspto.gov/web/patents/patog/week26/OG/html/1391-4/US08473093-20130625.html

I haven’t thought about patents in depth, except that patent litigation is annoying, and seems to favour the big players (e.g. you can’t counter sue for legal fees in patent litigation, so if you have more capital, you can just bleed out smaller players, see e.g. 3dsystems vs. formlabs). Sometimes it seems that newer innovators think that if you just ignore the whole patent system (and here ‘ignore’ could mean publish everything in the public domain/ call it ‘open’) it will go away, which is is naive.

This patent is on a method for the distributed curing of epoxy resin as a matrix for carbon fibre, specifically for aerospace applications. If anyone would want to license the technology, it’d probably be someone like Boeing or Airbus, and they’d probably have to invest a few million dollars in getting a certification process for the method, so I’m not too worried about any little players.

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