Tests with Bone Conduction

April 4th, 2009

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A continuation of collaboration with Alex! You can see the other stuff here

To make collapsible aural space, we need bone conduction! So we played with rare earth magnets, magnetised wire coils, metal rods, screws and straws.

The easiest way to strip magnet wire is with a crème brûlée torch! On the left the first pencil based prototype, with a taped on rare earth magnet and a coil of magnet wire for which we did not calculate the amount of turns we needed (we just improvised).

Here instead of using the line out of Alex’s computer, we wired the audio through a 100w amp! It was loud!

This is the prototype we showed during the midterm review, we are making it smaller and smaller. For the demo we used skype to provide audio, but in the future hopefully it will be more portable and nice. More soon.

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