Replacing a w530 thinkpad lcd: a tech saga told in the flippant tone of hindsight

February 4th, 2014

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Yeah nbd, except it was, at the time.

I went to the World Economic Forum again this year, and ran Popfab, an MTM snap on gestalt, and a Form1 from my laptop, that I had also installed Antimony on for demo purposes. Unfortunately, the day before I left I dropped a full spool of PLA on my screen and smashed it, so I did the entire setup using a TV Sherry bought me as an external monitor, and swore a lot the whole time. So.few.pixels. Although it’s nice to know I can use a terminal without seeing it, that makes me feel very 7334.

I guess I’m never going to be interviewed for the setup, but I like my laptop setup (except carrying it around, it weighs more than my skis+bindings) so I’ll tell you a bit about it first anyway: I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W530 with 19GiB of RAM, a Samsung SSD with 476GiB of space, and an NVIDIA Quadro K2000M. I have a matte screen that is 1920×1080 pixels. I dualboot in Ubuntu LTS and Windows 7. I used to have a powerbook, but apple is getting really annoying about a lot of things.

So after smashing my screen, I ordered a replacement from (lols) with Sat morning UPS delivery. UPS however claimed EC-the-dorm was CLOSED on Saturday. The FUCKERS. My flight was Saturday night.

So UPS finally delivered the screen on Monday (those FUCKERS) and then Andy brought it to lab where Will found it and gave it to a driver who brought it to Joi who took it to Davos instead of his winter boots. All these people are saints and if ever given the opportunity you should bring them cheeses and nice bottles of wine. And also Abu, who you should bring something vegan and non-alcoholic to but nonetheless delicious.

And then I replaced it. And this is how I did it, conveniently in a photo essay. I’m sure you could figure it out without this documentation, but if you are half as hysterical about your laptop as I am you might benefit from this as a form of therapy.

So I ordered 2 screens because I wasn’t sure what the difference between the two was– well one is the one Lenovo originally used, and the other is just an equivalent screen.

Remove battery and power

Remove the 3 screw covers and screws at the base of the screen cover

Carefully pop the screen cover off

Move the antenna wires out of the way at the base of the screen

Unscrew the 4 screws that hold the frame down

Then unscrew the lcd panel from the frame (4 more screws)

Now you can flip the screen over.

There is only 1 connector, and if you’re careful about peeling up its tape you can reuse it

This is a no-clasp connector, just gently wiggle free.

Now plug the connector into the new screen. Ahh, a benefit to this exercise is you get a clean screen without having to clean. Repeat all previous steps in reverse order.

Terderrrrr. Yes I have a star trek themed background. I’m cooler than you. Or maybe as cool as you. Want to watch star trek? Call me.

Once I got the screen, the whole thing only took me 15 mins and a philips head screw driver to replace. I guess I used a knife for the screw covers, but I could have used my fingernails. is by nadya peek. she'd love to hear from you.