May 3rd, 2013

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Rebecca finally came home from England! Drawing club is BACK, and so is social beet juice drinking. We abandoned lab and drank vegetable juice with reckless abandon while walking in the sun with post-memorial sunburns. We picked up some things for dinner, and Rebecca got me Norwegian toasted whey SKI QUEEN CHEESE. That’s us, ski queens. Or is it? Actually queen makes us both think about cross dressing more than regality, and I’m even from a constitutional monarchy. More on that in a second.

Rebecca with the SKI QUEEN picnic.


The instigator of this resplendent spread.

So I’m pretty much giving up on flickr because they are increasingly lame and I can’t be seen on a lame website jeez. But I haven’t really built my own server-side photo-resizing-caching system so instead I’m just going to have to keep the high res versions somewhere on a hard drive instead of the internet when I upload photos of things. That is kind of like living in the past, and I apologise.

Rebecca’s interpretation of ski queen cheese packaging.

I went to Alaska in April, to set up a fab lab at CITC. Alaska is amazing and we should all move there. But unfortunately for now I still live in Cambridge, so the first drawing club upon return had the theme NANOOK OF THE NORTH. Now I realise that this ‘documentary’ might be kind of not-pc (but then again, it was made in the 20s) and that it was filmed nowhere near AK, but it was a great topic anyway.

James draws the slapstick section of Nanook of the North.

James draws a cross section of a kayak (from the scene where more and more just keeps coming out).

Nathan is back too! He’s not even showing off.

Nathan detail of Nanook.

This sheep theme always seems to happen if Nathan and Rebecca sit next to each other.

Nathan’s seal hunter.

I didn’t stick to the theme very well– At some point Nathan yelled at me that ESKIMOS ARE NOT JARS.

So the next week we had a special occasion drawing club for the abdication of the Dutch queen and the celebration of the new king! Marco bought me HEMA feestdag een veeg schmink a while ago, so I finally put it to use. I had to rub off the dried bits first:

It smelled pretty bad.

I inflicted it on all the drawing clubbers, even though none of them are Dutch– Nathan, Andy, Caroline, Harold. Jeff refused face paint because he hates the Netherlands.

Fuck yeah. I have no orange clothing apparently so I went with red while and blue.

With all the abdication watching I only made terrible drawings.

Rebecca did draw a dutch portrait of me… actually from the week before. I’m a charming orange stick with a garden! Awww.

And Jeff was totally off topic. Nathan drew on his ipad, so those images will get added somewhere else.

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