Networked Bodies

March 13th, 2009

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Some preliminary thoughts on what to work on for a final project in the class Collision: Body vs. Network

Alex and I are working together to figure out a good final project. We were doing some brainstorming on emotions, how they manifest themselves on a body, and what parts of that you can reenact through hardware.


We considered the different possibilities of networking bodies– human to human, human to data, data to human, human to pet, human to robot, machine to machine, telephone to machine, et cetera.


We don’t want to be creating a wearable for Steve Mann. We are designing for ourselves and not for James Bond.


Some early ideas on networking bodies: communication through handshakes, data exchange through physical contact. Remote recreation of physical constraints. Remote control of the body. Bridging the real and the virtual with physical objects. Automatically twittering everything your body does as a social commentary on the common lifecast.


Data transfer through skin to skin contact, accidental contact or intentional contact. Shared audio spaces, or audio through bone induction within the body.


As the local becomes more local: our houses, laptops and phones smaller and more connected, and the global more global: instant access through a warped space time of cyberspace to any niche on the planet, we can reconsider how we as citizens inhabit the earth. is by nadya peek. she'd love to hear from you.