Fareed Zakaria on Digital Fabrication

August 15th, 2013

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I was on CNN a bit ago as a background monkey to Fareed Zakaria interviewing my advisor, Neil Gershenfeld:

imma so famous, imma nerd at mit with big glasses

So like I suspected, no one I know watches CNN. Or actually, one person I know did see it, and texted me, and one person I don’t know saw it, and texted me too which was confusing. Unlike when our work is on slashdot, which apparently everyone still reads even though it’s 2013.

Anyway, it has been podcasted to the internet so you can watch it here:


Simply imagine something… and you can build it… it’s subtitles like these that make me annoyed at science fiction for being too evocative, making people too hopeful, and consequently making people constantly feel underwhelmed by actual engineering. Well, at least my excellent soldering skills have been broadcast into space for alien civilizations to admire, along with galaxy quest.

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