Popfab episode 1


Ilan and I built a foldable briefcase sized fabricator that can 3d print, mill, vinyl cut, and plot. Here episode one of introductions.


Lima has an electronics market district called Paruro where […]

MTM Snap Desktop Mill



icon.jpg Biting interfaces, social networks, secrets and fears.

Caché - online and offline identity

Our bodies continue beyond our flesh and bones […]

Automatic Analysis of Voting Procedures

There are many different ways to elect a winner from a group of candidates […]

Evolution of Clarity - Self organization in vowel systems

Imitation Game in Vowel Systems

We use an agent-based evolutionary model of the vowel system. This model uses genetic algorithms which selects agents on clarity -

Automatic Single-burst Pulsar Detection

Clear pulsar

Pulsars are very dense rotating radiating stars, which have only recently been discovered in our galaxy. This project describes an algorithm for automatically detecting both periodic and irregular pulsars. […]

MADRAS - multiagent distributed resource allocation simulation


MADRAS is a bit of software which can be used to compare the effects of different negotiation policies in multiagent systems […]

RFID friend monsters

RFID might also have a lot of practical applications, but it can also be used for entirely useless simple projects. In this project, RFID tags and readers embedded in stuffed monsters helped play crackly pizo speaker sounds when a friend was near.

Language Acquisition

language acquisition new meaning How do humans learn language? According to the usage based model of construction grammar, language is inductively learned. Linguistic input can be interpreted by making analogies with previously seen language. However, how does one start to interpret linguistic input before one has experiences to compare it to? […]

Beer Printer

Making friends at conferences and making friends on social networks is paired through the beer printer. Making a new friend at a conference can be toasted with a beer if you use your RFID tags to […]


beambten2.png A payment system that commanded social interaction to be able to acquire drinks during the night of performance art event It’s Happening Now!


coffee film still A partially rotoscoped fragment of a self portrait film I will never finish.

under my skin

…under my skin Under my skin is a project in which the spatial perception of the user is translated in to tactile feedback in the from of vibrations from mobile phone motors. Equipped with pink satin sacs which are tied to the body […]

Robot Painter

robot painter heart

This project had a robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom draw an interpretation of the emotional state of the user.

Physical Metadata

physical metadata police
An attempt to improve social interaction through personal precategorization. At the an art opening, you could augment yourself with physical tags, […]